Birthday Spanking

birthday spanking

If the child returns and continues with the inappropriate behavior, the response would be, “You are You must need some kind of rest so that you can come back and act like a fourth-grader and complete your chores. Fourth-grade girls are capable of completing their chores. An example of a positive time-out would be, “You did not complete your chores. To help the child understand, age or developmental level is used to make a comparison between how the child is behaving and how the child should be behaving.

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In a few minutes, we’ll check and see if you are ready to play with your sister again.” Second Alternative: Try “Positive Time-Outs” Positive time-outs assume that children want to comply, but something is blocking their ability or motivation to comply. So come and sit by me for a while. Hitting your sister is not playing nicely. For example, “I asked you to play nicely with your sister. Rather, the child is told to come and sit by the adult until s/he is ready to comply.

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A “time-in” is the same as a “time-out” except the child is not removed from the scene and placed in a room or spot to be alone. “Time-ins” work especially well for children with a history of trauma and children who may have a resulting lack of trust in adults.  First Alternative: Try “Time-Ins” instead of “Time-Outs” Children who have been abandoned or have a strong sense of rejection should never be punished with time-outs because this constitutes additional rejection and promotes a sense of abandonment.

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